Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Cookies - kind of

I had plans to make different kind of cookies for Easter, but the time got away from me and I only ended up making one. I think it's a good one though.

First, it starts with these sugary, orange strips. Can you guess what they are? They're carrots! I didn't take any pictures while making these because I wasn't sure if they would turn out or not. I found a recipe for candied orange peels and just substituted the carrots. Believe it or not, but they are addictive to just munch on!

Next up is one of my favorite ways to add flavor to my cookies and that is to brown my butter. I just take the amount called for in the recipe - brown it and let it harden up a bit before mixing it up with the cookie dough.

I just used the recipe off the back of the chocolate chip cookie bag (in this case, I used white chocolate chips) and came up with these yummy cookies. Not that I would know - since I taste-tested just a "few". ;) Let's say it's a good thing I'm going to see family tomorrow and will hopefully pass these off to them. I hope they like them as much as I do!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Yeah, I know....

Valentine's Day 2013 has long gone, but I never got around to posting the pictures of some cookies I made. I figure since this is my blog I can do what I want. ;)

I did try a new cookie recipe in making these cookies and I think I finally have the chocolate roll out recipe down pat. Of course, that's until I decide to try something new.
What I did to come up with these cookies was to take my favorite brownie recipe and change a few of the measurements and ingredients and came up with these...

I did make these with Andes peppermint crunch candy bits. Oh - so good!

My favorite decorated heart. 

 With this set, I was attempting to use colors like the ones used in vintage valentine's day cards. However I ended up making a 'Harry Potter' set. :)  That's the only thing I can think of when I look at these cookies!

First Birthday Cakes

It's been busy at work and at home so I haven't be able to play around with any new desserts lately. I did try to make a homemade banana cream pie last weekend. Let's just say there's a reason why I don't have any pictures of it. Can we say major fail?
Oh well - I'm still learning with each new thing I bake. :)

I made a 1st birthday cake for a friend's daughter and it set me to thinking about all of the 1st birthday cakes I've made this past year. I've made many more than what I'm showing but I don't want to overwhelm you all so I'll show just these few for now.