Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cookie Fun

Hi there! I haven't been baking as much but I can already tell that will change with the holidays coming up. I keep dreaming up new treats to try out. :)

Last week I was asked by my friend to watch her kids for a while. I wanted to take an activity that would be fun and would keep them busy for a while. I looked through my *ahem* many cookie cutters and pulled out this fun set of "critters".
I won these cookie cutters from one of my favorite cookiers - Sweet Hope Cookies.

Can you tell what each of them is supposed to be? I can tell you this - we didn't necessarily decorate them to match the animal! I love decorating cookies with kids because of how easily they think out of the box. They can come up with the best ideas and designs.

I hope you enjoyed these cookies. I will be back soon with some fun Halloween/Fall posts!

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